Emily and Terence, a Sweet Wedding in Greensboro NC

I am super-excited to share this wedding with you!!  Emily won my heart immediately because 1. She was referred to me by one of my favorite brides ever  and 2.she is a fellow New England Girl.  This couple is all about the fun, from our engagement photography session in Greensboro I knew the wedding would be full of laughter and smiles, and it was! From the whimsical and colorful paper flower bouquets to their Nintendo cake toppers, and even an homage to Toy Story on the bottom of Emily’s shoe Terence and Emily planned a wedding with an easy feeling that really captured their personalities and told their love story. The personal touches in their vows brought virtually everyone to tears, and Emily’s gown- handmade from her mother’s was one of the prettiest I have ever seen.  Here are my favorites from their beautiful wedding:

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{Kernersville, NC Wedding Photographer, Winston Salem Wedding Photography}_DSC39559Hi! I’m Shanna, Wife, Mother and Wedding Photographer in Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Lexington, Thomasville, and Kernersville North Carolina and surrounding areas. For more about me, or to see if we have some stuff in common; check out these random facts and photos. If you’re interested in becoming a client, visit me at Shannaduffy.com  for more information.


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